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Self-Sustainable Flight (continued)
February 1, 2011, 3:11 pm
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I’m mentioned previously that we should begin breeding a flying animal to fly on, but why wait?

Take for instance the hot air balloon. A type of fuel is used to create hot air which is used to create lift since hot air rises. Now take a solar heater(s) and pipe it into the balloon. The same result should occur.

To get this thing off the air I believe a few things are necessary:

1. How much air flow needs to be running through the balloon to create adequate lift for cargo (us)?

2. How many solar heaters would be necessary to create that lift?

3. What materials can we use to create the balloon if purchasing one is too $$$?

So here’s the scoop. I want to see a solar heater hot air balloon flying this year. I’m putting this idea out there for somebody to accomplish it.

I’m going to make a small scale version and then scale it up later on to see if my concepts are right. I’ll post some designs later down the road and you should post yours here too.


Mass Transit: A Look into the History and Potential Future of Transportation
November 5, 2010, 3:05 am
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It’s been a while since I posted,

I’m feeling creative.

Front tire had a slow leak today and by the time class ended I was left to walk home. On the other hand, there were auto shops and bike repair places around town. I went to the nearest one, the Arlington Infoshop.

I strolled onto Bennett off of Park Row Blvd and headed North. Problem one solved getting to a community bike shop close to campus, success.

Walked on in and they have all the tools I need and more, beer and fire. Life is good. I can fix the flat, stay warm, inebriated,  and then viola! I came to a realization.

Mankind domesticated horses, dogs, cattle, and other animals to be our tools. Dogs guarded the home, cattle mowed the grass and gave us milk, leather, heat and meat, and horses gave us the power of transportation on land. Now, we’re breeding animals for looks and cuddliness, the pocket dog for portable safety. It fits in your pocket; what a scam.

Lets go back to the good old days, but lets do it 21st century style. We have the power of flight with airplanes, but birds have always been doing this.Why not domesticate a bird that we can fly on?

It’s green and self-sustainable. All you have to do is feed it and breed it.

Once the community forest garden is going, the over-abundance should fuel the family, friends, the dogs, the horses, other farm animals and the condor. I think it’s worth a try, but for now, I have to bicycle home with my legs.