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Natural Bonds aka Unbiased Social-Ability
November 19, 2010, 5:36 am
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I have a bad habit of putting down a book and re-reading the same portion over and over again till I get past that and really get down to reading.

The book at this moment is Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, excellent story so far, and it reinforces my previous post on Marketting like the HIV Virus.

One story in particular that Gladwell focuses on is the story of Paul Revere and William Dawes. Both set out to tell the populace that the British were coming and to be prepared. Paul Revere’s message spread and his name is known in all American history books. Dawes message on the other hand did not go far at all failing to reach the militia.

What was the difference? Revere was a Connector within his community. He had many weak ties in many areas and  naturally was a sociable person talking to anyone and everyone. Dawes on the other hand was a normal person with a normal social circle.

In nature, the bonds and networks within a forest ecosystem are comparable. Linking within a group of species can be beneficial; however, cooperating outside of your species is survival.

For example, mycelium is the vegetative part of fungi. It forms hair-like strands within the soil and can connect to the plants and wildlife within a forest. This connection fosters benefits to both species. The fungi has a home that provides essential starches and nutrients while the tree or plant can obtain nutrients and water through the mycelial network with a boosted immune system (the fungi will eat away diseased tissue and fight off infection/disease).

Another key note is the mycelial connection to all living plants within a forest especially the elderly. Their experience and growth nurtures the younger plants until they can survive on their own and one day give it back.

That’s all for now.


Biomimicry: Marketing Social Ideas like the HIV Virus
November 11, 2010, 3:51 am
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The HIV retrovirus is an intelligent design in spreading a horrible disease. It’s effects are slow to notice, and in the meantime, carriers are sexing it up and spreading their toxic asset to the world. We can use this.

The key mechanisms to remember are the route of infiltration, the dosage, and frequency of exposure.

In marketing, these three principles should be used and tested in unison. Sometimes the results are qualitative but they can be quantified if using digital or direct methods. On a side note, since I’m only focusing on social work, I’m not going to go into detail about digital methods for advertising a certain campaign. The methods I’m using are more localized, direct and personal like HIV.

Moving on, I’m currently working on cultivating the community here in Dallas-Fort Worth beginning in Arlington, Tx, which is right in the middle of the metropolitan sandwich. To get things started, it’s vital to have an idea that you love, cherish and enjoy. It would be best if you wanted it to be your life’s work, but it’ll suffice if it is something you believe in. Selling yourself (not your soul) is the best thing you should be good at.

The next step I chose was to develop relations amongst various non-profits, community gardens, and to get into various student organizations. The key is to surround yourself amongst people you do not know. Diseases can spread back and forth between two carriers but eventually you want to infect others before those two people develop a resistance or die. The same is true for an idea. Get away from like-minded people for a while and meet new people. The key here is to build relationships and real friendships. The message you spread will move onto those whom they know.

Once people see the projects you are working on or what you are promoting, you can begin to reach out to areas with concentrated groups. I chose to go to University departments. Here professors who teach lots of students will see what I’m working on. If it is truly something of interest, it will grab their attention. (I just got proof of that (twice) today November 10,2010). Other methods are to make announcements at various organizations. If they believe your project has value, they will carry those ideals for you. The infection is beginning to spread.

Now, it is time to show the fruits of your knowledge. You present to people why, what, and how you are doing this project. Hopefully, you gain their hearts and souls to work with you. Infestation complete. Now, it should begin to show signs of being a pandemic.

In this way, social ideas and projects become more infectious than the HIV virus. How? People talk more than they have sex. It’s an everyday activity with people you may or may not know who might spread it to people they may or may not know and so on.

Now, go do it with everyone you meet (spreading an idea that is, not sex).

P.S: Do not forget to be friendly and inviting. Frightening ideas will get you nowhere with people or in bed.