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Seeking Knowledge to Create Your Ideas
January 27, 2011, 6:41 pm
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is a Communal effort.

I decided to test it one day on facebook and the response has given me a better perspective of something I once knew nothing about.

The idea was to create a bicycle powered concert. I began by creating an event for the event and wrote out the general necessities for it to happen. It was a call to action for people to pool our resources together and see what we are capable of.

In a few days, a friend was able to contact a fellow electrical engineer and obtain some information to determine if it would be feasible or not. The information was then relayed back and the information I was seeking was given to me.

Without sharing ideas and knowledge, the idea of creating an alternative way of life is an uphill battle against yourself. It is possible to create your dreams on your own if you have the resources. On the other hand, to create a bigger reality of it requires the resources of the environment surrounding you. Doing so opens the perspectives, information, resources, networks and connections of all the people you know. Holding back leaves the dream only to an individual’s passion.

However, a vital issue comes to play when sharing an idea, what if someone steals it?

Well if they succeed in sharing your dream with the world is that not a good thing?

In the end, it should also bring to your attention the need to start working towards your dreams and goals. Locking it up keeps it jailed away from the world to enjoy and build upon.


Natural Learning: It is not just Visual or Verbal
November 6, 2010, 5:21 am
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The idea of visual and verbal learning is causing the deterioration of the human mind and it’s capabilities. It undermines what we are capable of by dissecting and isolating our abilities and senses.

Imagine a different type of learning style, one that can encompass all senses that we are aware of.

Lets go back to elementary math and learn how to count.

Instead of looking at pictures of apples, you will actually have apples and the apple tree; start counting. There is vision, sound, touch, smell, taste, and a bond with the natural world that cannot be recreated.

Want to learn about anything else? The world is right in front of you.

Reverse back to the beginning of education and how we learned. It all comes from nature. We observed, analyzed, and utilized the elements in their natural beauty. It was not in a text book but from inspiration from the natural phenomenon that constantly surrounds us. It uses all of our senses and places redundancies on our stimuli ensuring something sticks.

The new method of learning is an old one diffusing knowledge to everyone by learning in a living school. It also goes so far as to combine proper nutrition, exercise, and social interaction.

Well, that is all for now.