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Life Outside
November 30, 2010, 7:28 pm
Filed under: Communitty cultivation

I’m hesitant to write this because I wanted to finish up my thoughts on the last post. Oh well. I feel the need to share and document this idea.

The idea of Life Outside came to me after experiencing Art Outside in the Austin area. It was a hippy type event,and it was loud and proud. The celebration was filled with artistic art, free stuff here and there, good music, good people, and good fun.

Why not have a festivity in the city that is welcoming to all?

The premise is to take take people out of their box life. They go
to work to work in a box cubicle on a box computer, then go home in their box car, and finish off the day in their box home to watch their box television.

Life Outside is a journey to take people out of their boxes and to bring them back into a social community. This way they discover for themselves an alternative way of life. Furthermore, as people congregate together the possibility to create real change exponentially increases.

The social interactions and connectivity will spread ideas and give the community a taste of what life could be like. There will be art, music, games for all ages, dancing, building, and all things social.

To build on this idea, I would like student organizations and other networks to work together on their passions, doing what you always wanted to do. This way, the incentive to particiate is already there in the hearts and souls of each individual. There is no need to pay people and get them to “work” towards this goal. They already want to live it.

As more people get onboard, resources should become readily accessible to create this alternative way of life.

Just an idea. The major assumption is that people still have a heart to pursue their passions. Hopefully, all they need is the push or a spark to get them going.