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Community Investment: Encouraging Our Dreams
June 1, 2011, 11:38 pm
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It’s been a while. I finally have found a group to garden together and establish gardens as a team.

We have myself, the college student who is about to graduate, Tracy Bentley, a home school dad who loves to garden now from the influence of his wife, Hai Chin Bentley, a school teacher at John’s Elementary, and Tim Peters, a geneticist who has bred his own vegetable varieties for the bulk of his life.

Over the past few months we’ve installed over 2000 sq ft of gardens and we’re now looking at installing a garden on a half acre site with plenty of land available to us. Slowly, we are communicating and fulfilling the dreams we all have set out for ourselves through working as a unit and a community.

Tim wants to continue his seed selections and is going to be able to do so this year and years to follow. Tracy and Hai Chin want to learn how to garden and have the available space to feed their family. As for myself, I want to establish permanent food landscapes for people to witness how we can partner with Nature.

This conquest towards our passions has not been without problems. Tim works on a crisis mode basis, while Tracy is very hardworking and organized. I’m in the background passively taking in information and the surroundings. This has taught us to begin talking about our qualms with each other and the work we are pursuing. To further the best traits within ourselves and becoming knowledgeable about our shortcomings in a civil manner.

I can’t thoroughly communicate how much I’ve learned through each of these individuals. In time, there will be ways for this to become more accessible to the people around us. By doing so, perhaps we can help each other to fulfill our passions and share the things we love in life.

It hasn’t quite happened yet, but the dreams envisioned by each of us is beginning to mold and form into a communal dream. One that we have all shared to begin with. In the end, I can’t wait to see the Food Forest Garden with Genetically bred heirloom varieties that feeds us all plus all the other miscellaneous ventures that other people want to pursue; animal husbandry, vermiculture, and so forth.

All of Life’s Necessities come from a Garden including your passions and dreams.