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New Insights on the Process and Patterns of STUFF: Loops and Spirals
April 6, 2011, 8:08 am
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I wanted to put the World instead of STUFF, but it sounded too cliche. Moving on, I’ve started a new sleep cycle and I’m breaking the pattern of sleeping 8 hours a day and doing stuff for 16. Instead, it’s sleep for 30-40 minutes and then active for 4 hours. For now, I just need something to do to keep my mind occupied.

Here’s an idea I’ve been working on. It’s nothing new, but the insight is worth thinking about in my opinion.

Most if not every pattern in nature works in loops and spirals. The change of the seasons loops with every year and we see the same changes occurring. At the same time, the change of the stars and planets occurs in much of the same way as with many other things in the universe.

Whenever people get chronic illnesses, they are stuck in a pattern that continually loops back to a state of illness. Cancer can be caused by the replication of DNA that is damaged which begins a loop of self-destruction. Computer viruses continually cycle the same code to cause the failure of computational devices.

So loops or circles are common in many occurrence in life. The same is true for the way we think, talk, and act. We find loops to stay within the same mind frame which in itself can become cancerous. Being open to new ideas and thoughts is necessary to challenge the paradigm of the old. Escaping out of these loops is fundamental in ushering a new era on the world as we know it.

It is the very core of sustainability in practice. It is a never ending process to evolve the ideas and actions of ourselves.

Reflecting on this idea, to get out of a loop we create a spiral. Its force concentrates energy to break out of a pattern and begin a new one. Going back to the idea of illness, we spiral out of our wellness state and into the loop of disease. Whenever we break out of the pattern of destruction, we spiral into the loop of creation.

Hand in hand, these two forms go together to form the pattern and fabric of who we are and what we will be. If people can fathom this simple idea, we can begin the process of healing once we acknowledge the current pattern of destruction.

Keep in mind this idea is not contained within the shapes or forms of just loops and spirals. Other shapes and models can be applied as well. Use what works best for you.

In reality, the very essence of this concept is yin and yang. Two forces spiraling within a loop to create a rhythym, balance, symmetry, and harmony.


Canoing and Cleaning the Brazos
April 3, 2011, 9:03 pm
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It was a wonderful Saturday morning floating down the calm shallow waters on the Brazos. The locals told us about the lack of rain, and at certain parts the canoes got stuck in shallow areas forcing us to push ahead in our cleaning endeavors.

The cleanup took me by surprise. The first sand barĀ  was less than a hundred feet from the starting point and it filled up several trash bags. On a little five mile stretch, the first few crews that finished their journey dropped off over a hundred tires and a trailer full of trash with plenty more to pick up. All the canoes were fully loaded and had to pass up the opportunity to pick up more trash so that their boats would not tip over.

Although the sight of the trash was disheartening, the cleanup efforts give hope and shed light on how we can come together to save our rivers. Local canoe businesses gave out free rentals, another business opened up their RV park for volunteers to park at, a scrumptious BBQ joint fed everybody with piping hot brisket, hot dogs, iced tea, and cold beer. The locals understood the precious value of the river.

In the end, it comes down to one simple understanding; water feeds life.