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Observations on Building Community
March 10, 2011, 5:53 pm
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It’s been a while since I’ve last posted.

This is the idea at the moment. We’ve been helping people install gardens in various places and mustering a force to do this everywhere. The issue with this is that it’s hard for people outside to get involved because we’re meandering to other locations they may not be aware about.

It’s great that we are coming together to put in gardens and plots to be maintained in various locations. This could help whenever people take ownership of these gardens and systemically hold potlucks, events, and social interactions to build community.

The other idea is that we focus in one central area and garden there continually to build community there. The advantage in my eyes is the consistency factor. We can congregate at one place, at the same day and time to continually bring more people together. Over time, the surrounding folks should become involved so they can take ownership of the area so the gardening posse can move onto a new location.

Right now, I’m torn between what to do, but I feel like we can try all of the above. If we set one day to do one garden, and another day to do another, the accessibility is easier for people to find a place to go to on a frequent basis at various locations to learn, get involved, meet your neighbors, and have life’s necessities.


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