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What More Could You Possibly Want?
February 3, 2011, 1:30 am
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I had this dream a few years back and it’s the only full dream I can fully recall.

This week it seems to be a reoccurring theme amongst friends so I might as well share this with everybody.

The setting is inside a futuristic building and there’s a machine with a button on it. The machine greets everybody that passes it and says, “If you press the button, you can receive anything you could possibly want.”

Intrigued, my friends and I begin to push the button. With each push the machine says, “You already have everything you need. What more could you possibly want? (push) You already have everything you need. What more could you possibly want?” Nothing comes out of the machine. Regardless, we continue to push the button until the end of our lives.

The end.
The truths in this dream are many to me.
You can draw whatever conclusions you want.


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Is it possible to want to not want?

Comment by Emmanuela Mujica

I think it’s more about need than want. Sometimes the words are interchangeable. In this instance IMO, the idea of want doesn’t matter so much. The dream is a representation of people wasting their lives away. They push a button endlessly expecting a different response and hope that next time theyll get something in return. They do this instead of livin their lives to the fullest.

Comment by cjkoay

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