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CompariSons and Mutualism – blue food + aquaponics
January 30, 2011, 4:26 am
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To get the full benefit of this post, you need to frehen yourself with two things, aquaponics and the blue food revolution.

Aquaponics is the combination of hydroponics, growing plants, and aquaculture which is growing or farming fish.
This is the blue food revolution:

First thing, they both work on using the fish waste to fertilize plants and create self sustaining ecosystems. Aquaponics has been introduced into the ocean waters. The pump is the ocean currents, which is used to carry fish waste through patches of other vegetation such as seaweed and other bottom feeders such as mussels.

My qualm about this method of fish farming at the moment is the transportation of large quantities of fish from the ocean to local areas. On the other hand, this could be offset by using technologies that harness the energy of nature such as a sail and it provides salt water fish and vegetation.

Aquaponics inland does have an advantage of bring down the street but requires the use of electricity (for at least the water pump) and and raw materials. One thing of interest, between the two is that fingerlings are grown inland to allow the fish to mature providing an opportunity for inland aquaponics to be coupled with the production of fish and vegetables in coastal cities and in the ocean.

That’s all for now. All his information is still digesting. In short, I’m positive these two designs can be coupled to create the future of food and life on Earth.


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