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Family, Crime, and Community Integration
January 5, 2011, 6:24 am
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Public barriers to people with societal problems only furthers the issue at hand.

The habitual use of drugs, for example, segregates people by social class and creates a barrier for those who do well in society from those who only know how to live the life that surrounds them, their environment. This barrier makes it difficult for people in this way of life to concede their old habits and develop new ones. While the week develops, drug users run through a routine of seeing the same people who influence their behaviors to continue the things that may be destroying themselves and their community. Positive influences on these people are absent due to the cultural divide in neighborhoods, the division created by our social stigmas, and the very laws and messages that we are fed in our education system.

Once upon a time, drugs were openly used in society without the social branding. Users were treated as people with a habit. They were not ousted by their community and were able to seek the attention of those around them without the fear of being sent to jail, prison, or to death. The same can be said about rituals, habits, and mistakes in general.

The rituals of individuals occur with the constant neglect of their friends, family or community, which is also a mistake. People fail to confront the situation at hand and let it pass and evolve into a bigger obstacle. People who commit crimes and go to jail most often go back to crime because it is the only language that they speak. If they are trained to communicate, express, and act on a different path, the ritual of a habit or crime can be broken.

The idea behind this has been spoken of for ages. In one word, it is forgiveness. (It doesn’t mean you have to forget though.)

I understand the habitual individual has to want to create a change in their life. If they don’t want it, they won’t pursue the alternative. On the other hand, if they have never tasted the benefits of living within a community, they will never know or believe that something else exists for them leading them back to the road of destruction. Confronting the issues at hand with them and experiencing the world as we know it can change this.

To break this cycle, we have to take the steps to siphon our thoughts, words, and actions toward an integrated community. Creating the world we all would like to live in begins with this responsibility to our brothers and sisters.


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