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Rhizomorphic Connections
January 2, 2011, 4:32 am
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This is truly a small world.

During my sober hours on New Years Eve, I ran into a fellow who looked familiar. I just didn’t know where from.

Once we got to talking, it became clear that he knew an old friend of mine at the 21st street coop where we first met, he served me a flaming dr. pepper at a party there, and I met him at Epoch coffee shop in Austin while working on a proposal for the Rhizome Collective. Interestingly enough, that night at Epoch I ran into another fellow that I met briefly at a nursery in Ft Worth.

This is all groovy and great which leads me to the substance of this post.

Rhizomes are the aggregation of mycelial strands of fungi. They can span huge areas of land and carry nutrients all throughout its network. The mycelium is the vegetative part of fungi and it can form symbiotic relations with much of the plant kingdom.

In relation to us and our connections, we are all family one way or another. The family tree has branched out and we do have some issues to work out. Regardless, at the heart of it all you are my brothers and sisters. If we trace back the family tree even further we can include our bacterial, plant, fungal, and animal friends.

Welcome to the family.


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