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Gambling Workshops: My Time for Our Well Being
December 24, 2010, 11:11 pm
Filed under: Life Outside

With every workshop I hold, I plan on having it where people have to give something of equal value.

Here’s how I plan on having it work.

The first workshop for new comers is free while they learn all the inner workings of this unnamed grassroots organization.

I will hold workshops at the farmers markets where we will learn and potentially build a self sustainable future together. With every workshop people will put in a dollar for each workshop, but they can get it back. In exchange for teaching and devoting my time, energy and resources, people will have to show that they are moving towards self sufficiency. In other words, I help them to help themselves, and they get their dollar back. That’s all I want.

If they don’t volunteer or show that they are moving towards self sufficency after a certain time frame, I keep their dollar. With each workshop that they don’t prove themselves the ante goes up. If they can’t prove themselves or pay up, they end up ousted for a certain amount of time or until they can prove themselves again.

This way, over time people, who don’t want to change or help themselves or others, weed themselves out. It also may be a way to finance the projects we I’ll be working on and we get to create a more self sustainable future by making people be active in order to learn.


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