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Living Life with Zero Expectations
December 16, 2010, 3:12 pm
Filed under: Life Outside

My good friend posted this recently:

“Wenn ich wusste, dass die Welt morgen untergeht, wurde ich dennoch heute einen Apfelbaum pflanzen.” (Translation: “Even if I should learn that the world would end tomorrow, I would still plant this apple tree today.”)

– Martin Luther

With each new project or attempt to create a change in the world, you never know if it will truly create any change at all. This has been a tough one for me, but the realization now is to have no expectations. You do it because it is the right thing to do.

Some days at the Farmer’s Market, there are only a few people that walk by my little booth. At first, it was heart wrenching to see that nobody was coming to our local market. Over time, it began to dawn on me that even if I only talk to one person it was worth it.

With a little bit of time, passion, action, and resilience, things are bound to move.

One thing that took me time to discover is that the pattern for change requires action. Theorizing and talking gets you with a hypothesis. To discover if it is viable requires unrelenting testing leaving you with the taste of zero satisfaction. There’s always another way to do it better.

If left to just thinking and talking, you are left in the sand with no movement at all, a static journey.

In the end, it draws down to the idea that at least we tried. With all the things you may have done in a lifetime, your legacy will be left for future generations to pick up where you left off, building upon it or picking up after it.


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