Garden's for a Future

December 8, 2010, 8:43 pm
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The idea of Life Outside is spreading and evolving into something else entirely.

The application of previous posts is enabling other people and myself to tap into their most precious resource, creativity. It is creating an environment that stimulates people, while reducing the barriers of their previous self.

They laugh in their head about this idea of an alternative way of life, and then come to realize the reality of it in front of them. Once they past the barrier of the impossibilities (aka excuses), they come to participate in their own way as well.

From one thought and expression, it spreads to incorporate the passions of your friends, family, our children, and the community.

It reminds of me of the time when we all used to play outdoors for recreation as children. Games and activities were invented to keep our minds and bodies active. It promoted playing together or as teams to reach a common goal, to win.

In comparison, what we do now is one in the same. Instead the playing field is the entire world, the communities around you and the heavens above. The common goal is to survive, to live another day, and potentially realize a higher purpose within ourselves.


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