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It is All Good
December 5, 2010, 8:03 pm
Filed under: Patterns in Nature

That’s my Motto.

In nature everything is an opportunity. The same principle should be applied to all general areas in life. At any given moment, there is something to learn or gain even during the worst of times.

A common misconception in our modern way of thinking is the idea of a mistake or a problem.

In life, the design is made so that if you do a mischievous deed you are fed back with a consequence of equal or greater proportion. It all goes back to what you do to others you do unto yourself.

The amazing thing is that when you come to realize the error of your ways, you can correct it and build on it.

This feedback loop allows us to become conscious of our surroundings and how we interact with it. As long as you realize what the response is there is no such thing as a bad action.

However, the continuation of errors or one big error can lead to fatal consequences. This is primarily true with events that take time to develop. A good comparison is the intake of life’s necessities: air, water, and food. Air reaches the bodily organs much faster than liquids and water passes through our system faster than food. The feedback is fairly fast to things that you do to your own body. The opposition is with the environment where the feedback can be fairly slow.

Unfortunately, most people have lost touch with this basic mechanism. They ignore their own bodies and indulge in various items or activities. Much worse, they ignore their environment and how they are interacting with it affecting not only themselves but their community.

The ignorance of this feedback makes a great opportunity turn into waste and pollution.

Upon discovering this simple mechanism, you can gain from every experience in life and in the end,

it is all good.


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