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“I Love It Too Much to Sell It”
December 29, 2010, 4:27 pm
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Just recently met a musician (this morning 1am) and heard some of the tracks he’s producing in Miami, Florida.

The music is solid and the people there got to asking if he’s selling it and what plans he has for the future of his projects. The response was simple and to the point, “I love it too much to sell it.”

Well, I feel the same way about sharing what I know and what I am doing. You can’t put a price on it and I don’t want to sell it out when it is something that I want everybody to enjoy and experience.


Gambling Workshops: My Time for Our Well Being
December 24, 2010, 11:11 pm
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With every workshop I hold, I plan on having it where people have to give something of equal value.

Here’s how I plan on having it work.

The first workshop for new comers is free while they learn all the inner workings of this unnamed grassroots organization.

I will hold workshops at the farmers markets where we will learn and potentially build a self sustainable future together. With every workshop people will put in a dollar for each workshop, but they can get it back. In exchange for teaching and devoting my time, energy and resources, people will have to show that they are moving towards self sufficiency. In other words, I help them to help themselves, and they get their dollar back. That’s all I want.

If they don’t volunteer or show that they are moving towards self sufficency after a certain time frame, I keep their dollar. With each workshop that they don’t prove themselves the ante goes up. If they can’t prove themselves or pay up, they end up ousted for a certain amount of time or until they can prove themselves again.

This way, over time people, who don’t want to change or help themselves or others, weed themselves out. It also may be a way to finance the projects we I’ll be working on and we get to create a more self sustainable future by making people be active in order to learn.

December 22, 2010, 1:05 am
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not Revolution and creation not re-creation.

Lets make something new. Something this world has not seen before. Re-volution and re-creation is doing much of the old, the stagnant.

This world needs something fresh.

Aquaponic Pilar Design to come in the next few days.

One design allows you to plant on 5 sides of a basket cube.

Living Life with Zero Expectations
December 16, 2010, 3:12 pm
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My good friend posted this recently:

“Wenn ich wusste, dass die Welt morgen untergeht, wurde ich dennoch heute einen Apfelbaum pflanzen.” (Translation: “Even if I should learn that the world would end tomorrow, I would still plant this apple tree today.”)

– Martin Luther

With each new project or attempt to create a change in the world, you never know if it will truly create any change at all. This has been a tough one for me, but the realization now is to have no expectations. You do it because it is the right thing to do.

Some days at the Farmer’s Market, there are only a few people that walk by my little booth. At first, it was heart wrenching to see that nobody was coming to our local market. Over time, it began to dawn on me that even if I only talk to one person it was worth it.

With a little bit of time, passion, action, and resilience, things are bound to move.

One thing that took me time to discover is that the pattern for change requires action. Theorizing and talking gets you with a hypothesis. To discover if it is viable requires unrelenting testing leaving you with the taste of zero satisfaction. There’s always another way to do it better.

If left to just thinking and talking, you are left in the sand with no movement at all, a static journey.

In the end, it draws down to the idea that at least we tried. With all the things you may have done in a lifetime, your legacy will be left for future generations to pick up where you left off, building upon it or picking up after it.

Life Outside: Bike Power + Music
December 14, 2010, 9:35 pm
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I have an idea for next Spring at the market and like all ideas I need to share it.

I’ve always talked about creating social change in the community and producing an alternative way of life here.

How do I plan on doing that now?


Now that the resources have become available to do this, we muster the community at the Farmer’s Market to create an event in the Spring as the weather begins to become more tolerable for Texans.

I’m thinking of a bicycle powered concert. The initial phase will begin with educating ourselves about electricity and how to construct a bicycle powered generator. Once we gain enough info we move onto gathering resources and materials for the generator, the stage, local musicians, community involvement, and begin to construct what will be Life Outside.

The communal effort to create this should encourage people to work together, support each other, and the planet. It encompasses social interaction, education, sustainability, exercise, art, and more.

To put it simply, it is LIFE.

but this is just one idea out of many.

Underestimation – The Folly of Society and the Fuel for the Individual
December 13, 2010, 5:23 am
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I hear it time and time again, and it irks me when people underestimate the power of an individual.

The people that make real change are the ones who are always underestimated by the masses. These are people with nothing more but a passion.

Recall from history the story of the Wright brothers, the creators of the modern airplane.

It is 1898, and everybody is competing to create the first airplane. Langley is favored as a prestigious engineer with government funds to create the first vehicle suitable for air travel. His invention was called the Aerodome and had a motor that was at least 4 times more powerful than the one used on the Wright brothers model, 50 hp vs 12 hp. With all the funding he acquired from government institutions and private investors, Langley created a device that had to be catapulted to be launched and crash landed in a pool of water to land safely. After the crash, if there were any pieces left, they were to reconstruct the airplane for further travels.

Enter the Wright brothers, Wilbur and Orville. These two brothers were not college educated but full of spirit. Wilbur dropped his plans to attend Yale University, and Orville dropped out of high school to create a printing press. Over time they both became fascinated with bicycles, which later funded their private endeavors in flight.

In 1899, they decided to literally take a leap of faith and try their attempts at air travel. They began by piecing together a methodical way of achieving this. Step one was to control their movements while in flight by becoming familiar with gliding. This was a crucial key to their success.

Over time, they began to take notice of those who already could fly, birds. In their quest to conquer mobility in the air, they studied these animals to determine the mechanisms of moving to the left or to the right. With time, they concluded that the bird was able to make slight adjustments with its wings to turn in either direction. Using their skills as bicycle repairmen, they got to work on creating a set of controls to be used by a pilot.

A key note to remember is the difference between the Wrights and the engineers such as Langley. The engineers at the time did not believe a pilot could control the movements of an aircraft in relation to wind disturbances by using mechanical controls. Instead they believed in an “inherent stability” with no real explanation. The Wrights on the other hand sought to create the very things the engineers thought were impossible.

Now, the rest is history.

So Remember this:

The biggest folly of society is the idea that an individual, a group, or a community cannot do something. In a few words, do not underestimate anybody and most importantly you should not underestimate yourself.

December 8, 2010, 8:43 pm
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The idea of Life Outside is spreading and evolving into something else entirely.

The application of previous posts is enabling other people and myself to tap into their most precious resource, creativity. It is creating an environment that stimulates people, while reducing the barriers of their previous self.

They laugh in their head about this idea of an alternative way of life, and then come to realize the reality of it in front of them. Once they past the barrier of the impossibilities (aka excuses), they come to participate in their own way as well.

From one thought and expression, it spreads to incorporate the passions of your friends, family, our children, and the community.

It reminds of me of the time when we all used to play outdoors for recreation as children. Games and activities were invented to keep our minds and bodies active. It promoted playing together or as teams to reach a common goal, to win.

In comparison, what we do now is one in the same. Instead the playing field is the entire world, the communities around you and the heavens above. The common goal is to survive, to live another day, and potentially realize a higher purpose within ourselves.