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The Aquaforest
November 23, 2010, 4:46 am
Filed under: Gardening, Patterns in Nature

Water is essential for life.

In nature, fresh water comes as a form of precipitation: rain, snow, sleet, hail, etc. As it percolates into the soil, water finds it way into tributaries and joins major river systems. Back in the day, these systems provided for all of life: fish, animals, people, insects, fungi, and so on.

Today, these systems are over-saturated with industrial products. However, I believe the change from pollution to a solution is possible.

Aquaponic systems hold a promising alternative to fish and vegetable production. In my opinion, the aquaponic system is a miniature forest. There is no waste or contamination. Instead, everything is a resource. Water is continually recycled, and nutrients are contained. The downside to these systems is the use of a electrical pump and potentially a controlled environment to ensure growth all year round. Controlling the environment can be done self-sustainably if planned correctly; however, I believe another alternative.

Mankind is co-creating forest ecosystems today. Water systems cannot be that different. Succession occurs in all ecosystems. If we can create an artificial environment for fish inland, it can be done off land with the aide of Nature.


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