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Video Games: Learning from the Addicts
November 7, 2010, 3:28 am
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I’m looking back at the time I’ve spent playing video games. It’s staggering potentially adding up to weeks of my life gone to the box screen.

What have I gained and learned from it? I’m not sure, but those traits and characteristics are probably lingering with me.

Just recently, I watched another TED video about video games and how we can learn from the virtual environment to apply it in the real world. You can watch it here (LINK).

The points brought up were quite convincing. The one that got me was the online currency. In World of Warcraft and other similar games like Everquest, teams would go on these long missions with the reward of getting a very precious item in the game. The problem is that after such a long quest and in exchange of a bad ass weapon, you only get one of it.

To solve this problem of greed, the online community created a point base system for each mission completed within the group. They posted these points online and kept everything fair between everybody. With the points people could bid on items and know that they would be rewarded for their labor among the team.

A fascinating system that has a near 100% approval and satisfaction among the online gaming world for the past decade.

I imagine that the only error to the system is greed that remains within a team member. They could end up stealing the reward regardless of the point system. However, this is easily solved. They are black listed amongst the online community and ousted from any future missions, permanent banishment.

Moving on, without the countless hours of dedication to these games, the creativity of solving this issue would not have been resolved. People would loot and take items for themselves discouraging the team effort in succeeding and building their characters and online community.

It’s truly fascinating how in a virtual environment we can still derive solutions to the challenges we face today. All I have to say is thank you to the gaming addicts for their dedication and engagement.


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